Shows library versions in the system on which NLCPy is running.

This function prints the versions of the following libraries and compiler on which NLCPy is running.

  • NLC: Numeric Library Collection

  • ASL: Advanced Scientific Library

  • BLAS: Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms

  • LAPACK: Linear Algebra PACKage

  • SCA: Stencil Code Accelerator

  • NumPy: Fundamental package for scientific computing in Python

  • ncc: NEC C/C++ compiler

Here, the version of ncc indicates that it was used when the shared objects of NLCPy were built.


>>> import nlcpy as vp
>>> vp.show_config()  
NLC             : 2.2.0
     ASL        : 2.2-4.el7
     BLAS       : 2.3-1.el7
     LAPACK     : 2.1-1.el7
     SCA        : 3.2-2.el7
NumPy           : 1.20.3
ncc(build)      : 3.3.0