NEC Aurora Forum

NEC Aurora Forum


NEC Aurora Forum

The second NEC Aurora Forum was held in Grand Hotel Hessicher Hof in Frankfurt on Monday June 25th 2018. The Aurora Forum will continue to be an event at each ISC and SC conference to give information to everone interested in the SX-Aurora TSUBASA platform.

Aurora Forum Presentations

  1. NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA by Shigeyuki Aino, NEC Corporation

    Introduction to the NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA, history, background and future with initial benchmark results.

  2. Initial experience with SX-Aurora TSUBASA by Prof. Kobayashi, Tohoku University

    First experiences with the NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA.

  3. ML MW for SX-Aurora TSUBASA by Takeo Hosomi, NEC Labs Tokyo

    Introducing Machine Learning with SX-Aurora TSUBASA, explaining strengths of the platform. Showing performance of the Frovedis framework along with details how to use the framework.

  4. VEO : Vector Engine Offloading by Dr. Erich Focht, NEC Deutschland GmbH

  5. OpenMP Offload Programming by Dr. Tim Cramer, RWTH Aachen

    Explaining how to use Offload programming in a transparent manner using OpenMP standard constructs, showing example code and implementation.

  6. Aurora Deep Learning by Dr. Hans Peter Graf, NEC Labs US

    Deep Learning Framework, showing VectorDNN comparing platforms. Comparing frameworks including Torch implementation from the NEC Labs.