ISC 19

ISC 19


4th Aurora Forum

Visit SX-Aurora TSUBASA Hands On sessions in ISC19

During ISC 19 period, NEC will conduct hands-on using SX-Aurora TSUBASA at NEC booth.

  • NEC will run and explain the sample program on SX-Aurora TSUBASA based on the tutorial.

  • The visitors to the booth can also compile(automatic vectorization) and execute their own program on SX-Aurora TSUBASA A100-1 installed in the booth.

  • NEC tuning advisors are willing to help you with programing technique during the period.
    NEC will display the hands-on session and tuning-trial on large screen at the booth, you can enjoy even just watching it.
    Participants will get NEC novelty goods, come try high speed vector machine!

Figure 1. NEC Vector engine
NEC Vector engine


  • June 17th(Mon) 2019, 5:00pm

  • June 18th(Tue) 2019, 11:00 am, 2:00pm, 4:00pm

  • June 19th(Wed) 2019, 11:00 am, 2:00pm


ISC2019@Messe Frankfurt NEC booth(E-1020)

For those who bring your own program: SX-Aurora TUBASA installed on booth are as follows.

  • SX-Aurora TSUBASA A100-1 TOWER model x3 units

    Figure 2. A100-1

  • VE:Type 10C

  • VE arithmetic performance: 2.15TFLOPS

  • VE memory bandwidth: 0.75TB/s

  • VE memory capacity:24GB

    • Executable program language are C or Fortran. Python and Java are unavailable.
    • Parallel MPI, parallel OpenMP are executable. 8 cores are available.
    • Basic numerical calculation library (BLAS, LAPACK, SBLAS, ScaLAPACK, FFTW3) are available.

    If you would like to use other library, please prepare it by yourself, for example bring it by USB memory

    • Scale of program should be up to 2,000 lines. Please refrain from using larger amount of programs than it.
    • Recommended execution of programs are as follows.
  • Program which had high-performance in the former SX-series.

  • The innermost loop of a multiple loop (a typical loop to be vectorized) has a sufficient loop length.

  • If possible, it is desirable to use a so-called "kernel program" which cuts out the high load part of the program.

  • Programs that do not have much file input/output.

You can find the idea on Tuning topics of Aurora Forum website for tuning in advance,
Aurora Forum website

Figure 3. 

(above picture is just an image)